Recovery Sport

The sports mattress and pillow

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Optimize your hours of rest and recover better and faster


Keep your joints, tendons, nails and skin in better condition.


Muscle recovery faster.


Get deeper, more restful sleep by improving body thermodynamics.


Relax joints of the upper and lower body through the rest areas.

How does it work

The mattress Recovery Sport It is ideal for athletes.

Achieving optimal recovery after hard training and allowing you to arrive in better condition for the next effort. Its anatomical profile has been exclusively designed to release the knee and shoulder areas, thus allowing less pressure on them. The Refractory Ceramic Fabric causes a greater creation of collagen, favoring the good condition of tendons, joints, hair and skin. Its optimal pressure per point and the myofascial massage caused by profiling improve blood circulation, obtaining better muscle recovery and fascial release.


BioRefractory Fabric

The BioRefractory fabric is made up of ceramic microcapsules that transform the heat produced by our body into infrared waves. These infrared waves produce greater oxygenation in the blood, better blood circulation, as well as constant temperature regulation.

  • Check iconImproves body thermodynamics, as well as oxygenation.
  • Check icon Antibacterial.
  • Check iconActivation of the blood circulation.
  • Check iconAction at the level muscular and postural, causing greater recovery.
  • Check iconIncrease the < strong>cellular activity and the creation of collagen achieving a more elastic and luminous skin, also strengthens tendons strong> and joints.


Atheletes who use Recovery Sport

Ionel Cristian Manole

Corredor de ultra trail

Campeón de Ultra Sierra Nevada 2021. Campeón de Valle de Aran 160 VDA.

Pau Capell

Corredor de ultra trail

Campeón Ultratrail World Tour 2019. Campeón del mundo de Trail 2018.

Vencedor del UTMB con Récord en 2019. Campeón de España de UltraCup.

Campeón de Transgrancanaria 125 km 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017.

Pedro Meléndez


The perfect combination of technologies for the athlete


High-tech fabric that takes advantage of body heat to provide greater blood oxygenation and faster muscle recovery.


Polyurethane sheet that improves adaptation and firmness to padding.


Sheet of open cell viscoelastic material. It adapts to the body, avoiding pressure points and helping to prevent bedsores.


Soy Biocell side bands, provides firmness and stability on the sides of the mattress.


Breathable and hypoallergenic thermosetting fiber.


Great adaptability of materials, keeps the body with its natural curvature.


Three-dimensional fabric made with bamboo. Creates an air chamber between the body and the mattress, regulating the temperature.


The relief of pressure on the body produced by the viscoelastic material helps improve blood circulation.


3D fabric that helps ventilation and regulates excess moisture between the mattress and the base.


Removable viscoelastic topper that can be washed at 30º degrees.


Viscoelastic vegetal material profiled with different ergonomic zones of 90 mm thickness.


Helps repel mites.


Biocell block made with soy, formed by thousands of open cells connected to each other.


The materials of the mattress react independently to each of the different weights it supports.


Recovery Sport

Special ergonomic study for people who sleep on their sides.

Two firmnesses to choose from, depending on the firm or intermediate side of the pillow.

Profiled core to promote relaxation of the cervical area.

Cover with ION REPAIR fabric: this fabric contains millions of microcapsules charged with Anions (also known as Negative Ions) which are released with the natural movements we make when sleeping, purifying the environment and reducing the high concentrations of cations to which we are exposed. Antennas, computers, mobile phones, air pollution, synthetic fibers, air conditioners are the main causes of the most common physical ailments.

The benefits it provides for our health are surprising: They clear the mind, Facilitate relaxation, Boost memory, Rejuvenate physically and mentally, Lower lipids and cholesterol, Regulate blood pressure, Have analgesic effects, improve the digestive system, reduce allergies, improve respiratory diseases, clean the air of bacteria, smoke, pollen and dust, etc.

Measure of 70 cm.

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